Game for preschool kids


Game for preschool kids for Android and Windows Phone that motivates to remember basic colors

Select for your kids one of twenty languages, which is used by the game during the play. You can also choose the number of keys displayed in different colors, among which are selected in each round one whose color is the same as the color of the door of cute little house (for settings double click left upper corner).

The child can use keys to open the door and let out the pet. Touching on trumpet’s image he or she can change the music also and touching the pet he or she will let it jump.
Voices in the game are recorded by eighteen girls which are studying at Aalborg University in Denmark, and they have a share from the sale of this game (see credits in the game). On their behalf we thank you for your support during their study.

The game was developed in cooperation with our preschool children, so we wish your children happy learning the basic colors not only by looking but also by listening as ours did.

Email Support: (Czech or English)

Supported languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Lithuanian, German, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Serbian, Urdu, Vietnamese